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Instructables hack 17 January, 2011

Filed under: Computers — Nikolas Karalis @ 10:20 pm

This is a weird way to come back to blogging after all this time , but I just came up with a solution to the annoying subscription policy of
If you don’t know it, it is an interesting website where you can find instructions on how to assembly and disassemble or fix various stuff.
The only con is the fact that they are asking you to become a paid subscriber in order to access the larger (than thumbnails :p) pictures of the instructions, so the way I found to solve this problem is :
When you see a thumbnail, right click and copy the link.
You get something like :

The changes you have to do is :
1) change the with
2) just replace the .SQUARE.jpg or .THUMB.jpg with .jpg

You should have now a link of this form:

You are done. Enjoy the original full size pictures.


One Response to “Instructables hack”

  1. Mike Says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! Any idea how to do something similar to access the pdfs?

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