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Transire suum pectus mundoque potiri

Vancouver, B.C. 23 June, 2007

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The time is coming. This summer i am going to Vancouver, Canada to participate in the Mitacs Industrial Math Summer School 2007.

I will also participate in the Canadian Undergraduates Mathematics Conference (CUMC) 2007.


House M.D.

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The last few days i have been watching the House M.D. series.

It is about the maverick, misanthrope, ironic and cynical Dr. Greg House who is addicted to the Vicodin painkillers, due to a chronic infarction in his right thigh. He also uses a crane. He is a genious, and solves some of the most difficult medical cases.

But the most outstanding thing in the series is the Humor and the Quotes from Dr.House.

For a list of quotes, check the following links :

For the medical reviews of House’s cases, check this out.


Greek “Democracy” – Stop Fascism 16 June, 2007

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The following video was just posted in YouTube. It is a recording from a police department which contains the torturing of 2 Albanian immigrants who are accused of stealing something.

No more comments for now… A picture speaks more than words…


Trip down the memory lane and Cannoli 13 June, 2007

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Today i have been searching through some of my old documents, and i found a paper that a very cute girl wrote for me last year in Arizona.

She was working at the University of Arizona Bookstore and when i told her that i was going to Boston, she was enthusiastically trying to explain me what Cannoli is and where i could find it in Boston. So…

Cannoli (plural of Cannolo)

Cannoli Siciliani

Cannoli are italian pastry desserts and it means “little tubes”. They belong to the most famous italian pastries in the US.

It is also mentioned in “The Godfather”, with the famous phrase : “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”
You can find a recipe for cooking cannoli here.

More info here.


Learn Genetics

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I just found a great website… It is hosted at University of Utah.

It has many entertaining and educative Flash presentations of how Genetics works.

Special thanks to primelude for sending me one of these files… 😉