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4 Days of Mathematics 22 July, 2007

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Yesterday was the last day of the CUMC. CUMC stands for Canadian Undergraduates Mathematical Conference.
There is a bunch of Canadian undergrads giving lectures and a few keynote speakers which are professors of math.
It sounds really boring right?
Well… The truth is different. Here are some of the moments we had there…

Day 1
We all meet (around 80 people) in the afternoon for a lecture, have a dinner, and spend the night playing cards and drinking beers. I learnt the game “Screw your buddy” which is really nice and i played with my new Tangram…

Day 2
First day of lectures, from 9.00 to 16.00 and afterwards we go for lunch in a local pub watching American Football and then downtown to explore Vancouver.

Day 3
The third day was special. We had lectures in the morning, while later we went to have dinner in a Chinese restaurant on campus, where i tried noodles with meat, and i used chopsticks to eat them… Not so bad! 🙂
Afterwards, we were trying to make a handmade kite to fly in the rain when we met Mike doing his juggling stuff. We joined him, and he teach us how to juggle and how to do Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art). We also practiced karate and tae kwon do. Then we spent the whole night in the dorms, playing cards and analyzing the games. We were trying to analyze the game of SET (which is REALLY addictive) by writing on a glass wall. We also played Euchre and 24. A funny thing i learned is this integral limerick :

which can be sung like :

Integral z-squared dz
from 1 to the cube root of 3
times the cosine
of three pi over 9
equals log of the cube root of ‘e’.

Day 4
After a few lectures in the morning, we have free time to go to Vancouver. It is rainy (as always), so we end up in a tunnel under Stanley Park doing math and playing cards. We continue our games in a coffee shop, and then we go for the closing banquet of the conference on a boat restaurant. This means that for the next few hours, the boat is moving around Vancouver while we have our dinner, and we have great fun by solving math puzzles the whole night. Later, we also do a math jokes contest! 🙂

We had so much fun. It is nice seeing people talk about math 24/7 without getting bored.

Tomorrow the Summer School begins. I hope it is going to be that funny too.